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The textbook is Brym, Robert J. and John Lie. 2018. Soc+ Third Edition. Toronto: Nelson Education Ltd.

The topic is anticipatory socialization or gender roles.

Essay’s Aim:Describe how your example demonstrates engaging in your essay topic (groupthink or virtual communities) and use ONE of the theoretical perspectives in sociology to analyses the situation or activity. As part of your conclusion, apply the sociological imagination to your example; in other words, explain how your example (situation or activity) was shaped by social structure.

Chose ONE of the following Theory:1. Structural Functionalism 2. Conflict Theory 3. Symbolic Interactionism 4. Feminism

Conclusion:Sociological Imagination: “The quality of mind that enables one to see the connection between personal troubles and social structures” (Brym and Lie 2018:4)

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