writing a respond

Answer the following 3 of the 4 questions:

1) What did you learn about William Byrd’s relationship with his wife and friends?

2) What did you learn about William Byrd’s finances and his role as a businessman?

3) What did you learn about William Byrd’s slaves? How did he treat them?

4) Which of these diary entries did you find to be the most interesting or unusual? Why?


Dancing his dance-was probably a form of calisthenics or exercises.
Cupping-” Cupping was a traditional treatment in which heated glass cups were placed on a person’s skin, creating a vacuum which pulls up the skin, the results of which were considered therapeutic. [editors of the diary, NHC note]”


1/ Submit the writing assignment in paragraph form using proper grammar, punctuation, capitalization and spelling.
2) Use only this excerpt. No outside sources. Do not do research William Byrd or his plantation. Only write about the excerpts from the diary provided here.
3/ Post word count at the end of your work.
4) View the grading rubric by clicking in the upper right of this page in the drop down gear menu.
5) Be complete and use details and examples from throughout the excerpt to back your general statements.
Use different examples and illustrations in response to each question you answer
6) Single space
7) Do not repeat the questions
8 Use paragraph form explaining, describing and offering analysis of what you read. Do not make a list.
10) Upload as a file. Canvas will check your writing for plagiarism so be sure to write everything in your own words. Direct quotes from the diary must be in quotation marks and no more than one sentence long.

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