What skills do you see as vital to the work of a career counselor?

What is the aim/hypothesis of the paper?
January 8, 2019
What will be the goals of counseling and what intervention strategies are used to accomplish those goals?
January 8, 2019

Week 6 Discussion 1

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Weekly Discussion 1

Holistic Career Counseling

Throughout the course, it has been conveyed that a large part of the work of a career counselor is related to information gathering and the dissemination of that information. With continuous advances in technology, this is no small undertaking. In many cases, career counselors serve as the only support that clients have in addressing career-related needs.

Considering the learning material in this course, what additional insight can you offer on the role of career counselors? What skills do you see as vital to the work of a career counselor? Additionally, what skills might be needed in working with individuals with disabilities or from diverse backgrounds? What strengths will you bring to the field of career counseling? Your post should be at least 300 words. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings by Day 7.

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