Valuation of CloudSales

Students are required to employ valuation techniques in the context of early-stage investments, to propose a term-sheet, and a projected capitalization table based on multiple stages of investment. The assignment consists of three parts, contained in a single PowerPoint presentation, which should be formatted in a concise and legible style that makes it easy to follow your calculations and reasoning. The presentation should not exceed 25 slides (and no more than 4,000 words), including any appendices, tables and references.

** A deal MUST be constructed, not buying the company is not an option. The pdf has all the information and very specific guidelines to be followed when constructing said valuation proposal, amongst them: The entrepreneurs are, however, rather obsessed about not losing control of the company, and so will NOT EVEN CONSIDER a deal where they give away more than 50% of the equity (This must be factored into the calculations!).

1. The first, and main, part of the presentation should contain a valuation of an early-stage venture.

2. The second part will be a proposed term sheet, annotated to explain the purpose of the important terms.

3. The third part will be a capitalization table should be produced assuming multiple rounds of investment in the new venture.

4. Disregard part 4 (mentioned in the pdf).

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