U10A-MT460-The Strategic Plan Presentation


NEED 23 Feb 2016 by 2300hrs in APA format, Only 7 Slides needed PowerPoint


Pretend that you are a business and strategy consultant hired by Wells Fargo executives to present the new strategic plan to the Board of Directors (BoD).




Create this project in a PowerPoint presentation format. Use ONLY the below bulleted list for each slide (page) and support the bulleted ideas in the Notes section of the slide IN DETAIL. Use the current APA style and format in the Notes description section of the slide. Include a References page at the end of the presentation for the outside sources you used and integrated in the presentation itself.




Final Assignment Guidelines: Strategic Plan


A strategic plan is designed to be in use for three (3) to five (5) years. For the Assignment, write a strategic plan providing the following information:




Slide 1 Leadership and Organizational Culture: Discuss how the new grand strategy will affect the company leadership infrastructure, and the organizational structure and culture. How can the company move to a more agile and virtual organization? How will the company manage the strategy-culture relationship due to the new change?



 Slide 2 Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Describe the concepts of incremental and breakthrough innovation, and the risks to be aware of. Define the new strategy as being either an incremental or breakthrough innovation process and how this supports the idea of continuous improvement. Is your recommended strategy entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial in nature? Please explain the benefits.




Slide 3 Strategic Analysis and Choice: Explain why a grand strategy is more beneficial to the company than a generic type of strategy.




Slide 4 Generic and Grand Strategies: Generic strategies are low-cost leadership, differentiation, speed-based, and marketing focused. Grand strategies include concentrated growth, market development, product development, innovation, horizontal acquisition, vertical acquisition, concentric diversification, turnaround, divestiture, liquidation, bankruptcy, joint ventures, strategic alliances, and consortia. Discuss the grand strategy chosen that will sustain and grow the company for many years to come and to keep competitive in its market place.




Slide 5 Long Term Objectives and Strategies: What are the company’s long term objectives in support of its overall grand strategy? What generic strategies has it entertained in the past and in current? Recommend a new grand strategy for long term growth and explain why you as a consultant have chosen it.




Slide 6 Short-term Objectives, Functional Tactics, and Implementation: Discuss the implementation of the new grand strategy. What are the short term objectives required to support the new strategy? What functional tactics will support this implementation?




Slide 7 Restructuring, Reengineering, and Refocusing: Discuss the type of restructuring and or reengineering that must take place to support the new grand strategy designed and proposed as well as its implementation. Emphasize the most critical activities that will enable the strategy to function optimally and effectively. Will the refocus entail business process outsourcing and/or modular organization? The idea is to transform the company into an agile, virtual organization.




One slide for each of the above topics, approximately 3-5 bullets on each slide less with ten or less words per bullet, fully describe the bullets in APA format each in the Notes section of the PowerPoint slide itself in approximately 250 words.









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