Table completion financial and operational risk




This is the first step in developing a risk assessment and management policy. In developing your policy, consideration of risk appetite is critical. Identify the areas of financial and operational risk at CCH. Prepare a policy on how each area of risk should be handled (i.e assume the risk, mitigate the risk, or transfer the risk).



Prepare a table with the risks that you have identified, level of risk, strategy, and justification for choosing the strategy. You are encouraged to use the balance sheet and income statement as a starting point, but keep in mind there are items not listed on the financials that can also be at risk. For example, the reputation of the company, HIPAA, or key employees. Below is a suggested format but feel free to add additional columns as needed.


the numbers in the link for project 3 are incomplete and scrambled…


Please ignore the numbers for this assignment. You should still be able to identify many risks without them. To make this easier please identify twelve (12) risks that this company would face. That’s a very small number and should be manageable. Then follow the guidelines in the table provided and just provide that as the upload along with a cover page and citation page. Don’t use the two examples they gave, that would be lame.

As an extra help, I have included some thought leadership in the link, “Project Help”. You can use six (6) of the risks given.


Below is the table and I have attached the course project detail along with the “Project Help”.


Risk Area


Level of Risk

Strategy (Assume, Mitigate, Transfer)



Assume cash consists of bank deposits federally insured



Assume physical damage, transfer liability risk

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