Solar and lunar observation charts

Create an observation chart that uses the Horizon coordinates to describe the position of the sun and the moon over the course of the third Solar quarter.
1).  Use to collect data for this project. You must change the date and time for each observation event. YOU MUST CLICK ON THE SUN OR THE MOON IN ORDER TO SEE THE AZIMUTH AND ALTITUDE. (AZ/ALT) You need to only record the first number for each.
2).  Use the powerpoint slides to record your observations.
3).  You must record the date, time Azimuth and Altitude of the sun on 20 occasions between Sept 22 and Dec 21, 2021.
4).  You must record the date, time, Azimuth and Altitude of the moon on 20 occasions between Sept 22 and Dec 21, 2021.
5).  No two entrees can be on the same day.
Entries for the sun MUST be at different times during the day.
Entries for the moon can be day or night, but the moon MUST be visible in the sky at the recorded time. The same approximate time(s) for the moon may be recorded.
You can change dates and times in Stellarium to create your chart.
Do NOT remove the landscape from your view None of the observations should include an Altitude with a (-) value.
ALL entries must include Date, Time, Azimuth and Altitude.
It may be easier to create a written list of entries, then transfer them to your powerpoint slides.
Use stellarium for this assignment.

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