Social Health Determinants and HIV AIDS Discussion

Short Essays: please provide a minimum of a half page single spaced for each short essay. Do not exceed one page. Use your text and research from the internet. Source your information.

How does the CDC define “social determinants of health?” Explain the force fields in Blum’s model (Text Page 58). What percentage of premature deaths can be attributed to inadequate access to medical care? What can be done to address this issue? (10 points)
Describe the “Force Field and Well-Being Paradigms of Health” according to Blum. (Text page 59). How do we measure “poor health”? What are the indicators of “poor health”? Find information on the CDC and the World Health Organization websites. (10 points)
Describe two data collection methods that are qualitative in nature. Include the strengths and weaknesses of both methods. (10 points)
What is a validity threat to experimental research? Conduct research and find an example. Summarize the example. (10 points)

Long Essay: do not exceed two pages single spaced. Use your text (Chapter 15 and references therein) and research from the internet. Source your information. (60 points)

You are an intern at the CDC. You have been asked to conceptualize an independent health services research study focused on HIV/AIDS-Related Illness among Hispanic Women living in California. Your supervisor has given you free reign to conceptualize the study.

Conduct a literature review. List five sources in APA style format.
Chose and describe an aim or purpose for your study and the research question/hypothesis.
Propose a study methodology, including population and sampling, sample size determination, measurement, data sources and data collection methods and analysis. Explain your choices.

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