Simulations and Manakins

This is a group assignment with 3 other students and this will be the choice I will choose to be done for my part.

b. History & Current Use i. Describe significant findings that prompted the development of the technology ii. Discuss the history and current use of the technology in healthcare iii. Describe three goals of this technology’s implementation.

c. Impact on healthcare and nursing i. Impact on professional nursing practice. ii. Patient safety impact (including statistical justification) iii. Impact on patient care delivery, quality care measures/monitoring, and risk management (privacy, confidentiality, and security) as applicable. 1. Ethical & legal considerations. 2. Infrastructure/operational consequences (e.g., budget, costs, etc.) 3. Impact on a population and/or geographic region 4. Provide examples & statically significant data to support examples.

The outcome, requirements and grading rubric is in the drop file. Please include references.

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