sales career exploration part 2

From Part 1, you will select the two (2) companies that you would be most interested in working for. The purpose of Part 2 is to connect personally with an individual from each company and have an informational interview with each person for additional insights into a sales career at the company. You have many opportunities to meet people from these companies through:

  • Class guest visitors – ask insightful and meaningful questions to our guests!
  • Sales Program and Sales Society Open House on Thursday, September 6th
  • Industry Nights, workshops and panel discussions at the Sales Society
  • LinkedIn, professor, and sales alumni connections
  • Career fairs
  • Company open houses, roundtables, coffee and information sessions – onsite and offsite
  • Panther Sales Tournament activities

You will use the Microsoft Word Part 2 Template to guide you in formulating your submission. Approaching someone requires preparation and a strategy. We will discuss best practice techniques for connecting with professionals and gaining agreement to meet them and learn more.


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