Risk Management

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Different projects require different forms of risk management, even when the risk occurs again. A project manager’s technique becomes the critical aspect to any project’s success.

If your project will implement new enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite of applications, what unique risks are often involved, how are they identified, and what solutions will you use to mitigate the risks?

Will it be possible to utilize one solution multiple times? If so, how is it possible? If not, explain why.

Part 2 – will give more time for this

You are the project manager for an upgrade of computers in your company. You need to upgrade 30 systems, including 10 desktops (for office personnel) and 20 laptops (for remote workers). Each system must access the company network, as well as a common installation of software, security components, and so forth. You must submit your risk identification in a summary that will be used during a presentation for the CIO.

In a 3–5 page document, complete the following:

  • Identify four (4) risks.
  • Describe the different types and how they are unique to this IT project.
  • What techniques did you use to identify these?
  • Explain how these risks are similar and may overlap.

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