Respond To This Discussion Board Below

respond to this discussion board below

From my own perspective, since loud noise is having the potential to affect human hearing, it is mandatory and an obligation to every heavy industries that are prone to excessive loud noise to ensure the provision of hearing protection for employees and non employees within the facility. Any noise level exceeding 85 dBA requires hearing protection according to regulatory bodies. In addition to provision of hearing protection, engineering controls that will minimize the noise level should be put in place taking for example, barriers. With regards to musical concert, the promoter is not responsible to providing ear plug to attendees, if anyone knows he / she is having hearing problem or adverse effects to loud noise, please he / she should stay away from musical concert. Eventhough we all know that concert dont last over 5 hours, excessive noise level over 5 hours can negatively affect our ear not to talk of 8 hours. But if there is anywhere is stated by law that the promoter must provide protection then the promoter must comply 100%.


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