project management paper team project

Using the following files: summarytcwk3.docx



Continue using the organization and project selected in Week 2.

Create a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on the team’s Week 2 project, including responses to the following project performance measurement and project closure items:

  • Project Performance Measurement
    • Explain how the project managers use earned value to monitor project performance.
    • Calculate the project’s Budget At Completion (BAC).
    • Explain how the Schedule and Cost Performance Indexes are calculated and are used to monitor project performance.
    • Explain how agile project performance measurement differs from the traditional methods.
  •  Project Closure
    • Describe the steps to closing a project and why they are used.
    • Explain the goals of a project retrospective 

Format the presentation consistent with APA guidelines.


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