Practicum Experience Week 7 – My Nursing Experts

Practicum Experience Week 7
As a nurse engaged in advanced practice, you are likely to find that discussing findings of an evidence-based project with your mentors and colleagues can expand your awareness of the implications.
By tomorrow Friday 7/12/19, submit  your journal entry of a minimum of 550-word essay for your practicum experiences in APA format with at least three scholarly references that include the level one headers as numbered below:
1) Discuss relevant evidence-based project outcomes with individuals in your practicum setting.
2) Ask what implications they would draw from the findings.
3) Ask what insights they can share from other projects that may relate to your project outcomes.
4) Discuss your Post-Graduation Plan for professional growth and development with individuals in your practicum setting and ask for advice on developing skills or expanding your areas of expertise throughout your career.
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