Please take a look at the uploaded file for the data set for this

 For this project, you will write a maximum 1 page report in a word document (.doc, .docx). Format must be 12 point Times New Roman, single space. If formatting limits are not adhered to, there will be a grade penalty. Note that these limits do not include calculations, all calculations (either by hand or using statistical software) are submitted in the same document after your report. If conducting analyses using statistical software, screenshots of your output are considered calculations. You can copy and paste screenshots of your calculations into the same word document, after your report. Do not attempt to submit two separate documents. You must show all calculations, otherwise you cannot receive full credit. Work independently, this is not a group project. The following are the guidelines (and scoring) for the content of your report: 

1. Select three exposures you are interested in from the dataset above. Test if each of these exposures is associated with an outcome of your choice. For each of your three tests, describe all hypothesis testing steps. 

2. Based on both your understanding of these variables and the data provided, describe if any of the variables might be confounders of any of the associations tested above, and why. 

3. What variables not listed here would you like to have included as possible confounders? Why? 

 4. Other than confounding, what are two additional limitations that may present issues in interpreting results?  

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