Please answer the following by numbers with supporting references

1. Explain the role of ethics and corporate social responsibility in strategic planning.

2. What are vision and mission? What is their value for the strategic management process?

3. What are the elements of the strategic management process? How are they interrelated?

4. What is corporate governance? What factors account for the considerable amount of attention corporate governance receives from several parties, including shareholder activists, business press writers, and academic scholars? Why is governance necessary to control managers’ decisions?

5.What is an agency relationship? What is managerial opportunism? What assumptions do owners of corporations make about managers as agents?

6. How do strategic leaders effectively manage their firm’s resource portfolio to exploit its core competencies and leverage the human capital and social capital to achieve a competitive advantage?

7.As a strategic leader, what actions could you take to establish and emphasize ethical practices in your firm?

8. Why are strategic controls and financial controls important aspects of strategic leadership and the firm’s strategic management process?


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