play assignment 1

for this assignment answer the 5 questions I attached the lesson to help .

Question 1

Compare the skills and attributes required by a play leader working in a pre-school with those required by a play leader working with primary school children in an after school play program (i.e. all ages of primary school children). Write about half a page or 250 words.

Question 2

If you were a play leader seeking volunteers to assist in an after school or holiday play program, what criteria would you require volunteers to satisfy?

Create a checklist of criteria (i.e. this should be a list of characteristics, skills or qualities that would describe the minimum requirements for a volunteer play leader to satisfy). You list should be no more than half a page.

Question 3

Some of the criteria which a volunteer needs to satisfy can be judged easily in an interview however others may be more difficult to confirm e.g. how would you confirm that the volunteer is not a child molester?

Beside each criterion on your list explain briefly how it can be satisfied. Write about half a page or 250 words.

Question 4

Describe a typical day’s work for the play leader who you interviewed? Write about half a page or 250 words.

Question 5

What three attributes or skills do you consider are the most important for a play leader who is supervising children varying in age between 5 and 12 in a supervised adventure playground (i.e. children who are doing such things as constructing cubbies, tending poultry and vegetable plots, participating in craft activities, etc). Write a sentence or two for all three explaining why you think they are important.


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