?I See Why Ir?
?In W
E’s L7
y eresa
J yond ?Do No Harm?
V ” Prompt
a Fensterman, Hook, Mattlin, Wag a
x thanasia and physician-assisted suicide. For
s?es a position on whether physician assisted suicid
supports your position with evidence from these texts. A
i To support your position with evidence from the texts, you wi 15.
(not a summary of each author?s entire article) by organizing y”.
themes, and identifying connections among the texts. In other
rather than sources. Also, remember that not everything the au it:
relevant to your essay. In addition to taking a position, you will
that are different from your position. That is, you will need to ac i
and then explain why your position is better.
To get started, it will help if you address the following questio a
ln what ways do the texts support or agree with one ano
about this topic? r
Are there places where the texts contradict or dis .8″
Audience V . i
You are writing in an academic tone for p? 4′ i t
are writing for a well-respected opin?io at of a Hagaii
Paper Length and Format
Your essay will be typed slimes New Roinan font, doubles? r g d. ” I
Your essay will be 4-5, ?guiding the listof?references t ? i 7 p
Your essay will incluW.?feren6f?li-St in APA format that . ibliographic information for the
three articles yo, M ,ed? on;
Please give a d staple your?pap
YOU must Smelt bo}?


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