PHIL434 Miami Dade College Organ Transplantation and Donation Term Paper

This is for a Medical Ethics Term paper based on a current medical ethics issues. The term paper must have an outline done as well. Attached is the topic chosen for the term paper, Organ transplantation and donation, with description of the content and resources used. Attached is also supporting documents along with grading rubric to make sure there is a clear understanding of what is expected.


Our outline must include introduction, body, and conclusion sections in outline format.
You should include topic sentences (for each section) and paragraph transitions that help tie your major points together.
Outline templates are provided for your use below or you may use another outline template, but the outline must be formatted in the most current APA style in Word format.

Term Paper:
It is expected that you have the following:

A title page
The body of the paper: 4–6 pages of text, double-spaced, 12-point font with clear and understandable language with no grammar or spelling errors
Provide adequate justification that supports your response with at least three appropriate references using textbooks, websites, and articles are required
Subheadings (technical aspects, public policy, and personal opinion/conclusion)
Appropriate in-text citations throughout paper (
A reference page with only the sources that you used in the body of the paper (
Sources should be less than 5 years old unless there has not been recent research available. At least one reference must be a peer-reviewed article from a profession journal. Do not use Wikipedia or encyclopedia as they are not considered a reliable academic source to use
Be sure to follow APA formatting for your paper (


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