PHIL 290 Virtue Ethics ONLINE ASSIGNMENT 2 |

Directions: The answers to the essay questions should include a critical analysis and an in depth examination of the issue in question. A critical analysis should NOT be simply an explanation of the arguments or of the view in question but should also include your assessment of whether the author’s arguments are good or bad, and why. It should also include an explanation of your personal view and a philosophical defense of it.
Format: The document should have 1-inch margins. The answer should be in Times New Roman size 12 font and double-spaced. Please write out the complete question. The questions can be single-spaced and bold. The answers MUST be double spaced! Please make sure you put your name, the assignment #, the title of the course, and the date. Also number your pages.

Aristotle claims that there are two kinds of virtues, virtues of character and virtues of thought. Explain what is the difference between these two. How are they acquired? (Short Answer)
Aristotle claims that virtue of character is about pleasures and pains. What does he mean? Why is pleasure and pain so important for his theory of virtue of character? (Short Answer)
Explain Aristotle’s conception of virtues of character. How is it an intermediate between two extremes? Provide some examples of actions and feelings. Provide examples from your own personal experiences in which applying Aristotle’s virtue of character would come in handy. (Essay)

Book III
4. Explain the preconditions of virtue. (Include what are voluntary actions, decisions, deliberations and wishes). Does Aristotle belief that we are responsible for committing virtue and vice? What about for being virtuous or vicious? (Essay)
5. Explain the virtues of bravery and temperance. Tell me as much as you can about these. (Essay)


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