nutritional problems


A- Focused on nutritional problems, write three (3) nursing interventions for each of the following conditions (NIC):
Renal insufficiency
Crohn’s disease
B- Explain the different diets, their advantages and disadvantages
Vegetarian diet
Therapeutic diet
Zone Diet
Mediterranean diet
-Present an introduction that serves as a preamble to the content of what will be presented.
-Write coding according to NIC, Apply in your interventions the theory of Imogene King.
Example: (128001) Adjust the diet to the patient’s lifestyle and activity level, According to Imogene M. King: care / nursing, help the patient to maintain their proper nutritional health by achieving their role
– Make a brief conclusion that shows the benefits obtained as a nursing professional through this work .- = Present at least five references referring to the scientific background.
The activity is individual. The work must be delivered on time, without spelling or grammatical errors. The works will be submitted to the tool to detect similarity of content (now Urkund). Submit the answers in a Word document, Times New Roman, size 12. You must include references in APA format, three years or less.
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