Museum curator and museum guest, writing homework help

You will write a dialogue for a silent movie clip.
Museum curator and museum guests
A museum curator has contacted you about a script she needs. She is currently working on an exhibit that will feature silent film clips from the Pre-Depression Era. As part of the display, she would like to set up a two-selection system on the screen. One choice will play the original clip as it was shown to audiences – without sound. The other will play the clip with a dubbed script as it is imagined it would have sounded with voices. Your job is to write the voice track to the clip, Buster Keaton – The Playhouse (1921).
Product or Performance
Your clip must meet the following criteria. The higher you score on the rubric, the more likely it will be that your track will be selected over someone else’s version. Good luck. (Note: feel free to do some research on silent movies, social norms, and language patterns of the early 1920s. You are trying to make an authentic clip, not a new millennium version.)
Standards for Success
A successful project will:
Move the dialogue between speakers in time with the video clip.
Capture all the activity in the clip.
Convey dialogue that is historically accurate.
Have dialogue that seamlessly shift between characters is a way that can almost be heard.

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