Managing Hypertension in Black Americans Using a Patient Centered Approach

Managing Hypertension in Black Americans Using a Patient Centered Approach
Best Practices In Nursing Specialties, requires us to formally define an area of inquiry and general approach/methods for the DNP Project.
The Project Premise consists of the following components:
• Title• Problem statement• Context• Approach/methods• References
This is a first part of an DNP project that I need approval on before I can start on my 35 page proposal. This first part have been rejected by the faculty board a total or 6 times.
This essay must include the title of the DNP project which is Title: Managing Hypertension in Black Americans Using a Patient Centered Approach
PICO Question: Is hypertension more difficult to control in Black Patients ?
Write a three page essay that aIDress the following in order do not put the context and then the problem statement. The headings must be order. I have uploaded a paper already written by one of your writers to use only as a guide for the setup of this new paper. Remember this paper is totally different than the sample I’m sending you:
• Title• Problem statement• Context• Approach/methods• References
Each section must be used as a heading.
The Pico Question must be included in the first part of the problem statement.
When you get to approaches/methods you will be using a both Quantitative and qualitative research techniques. Example Blood pressure measurements would be a Quantitative and using surveys, self-monitoring would be qualitative research.
This paper needs clear nursing implications for hypertension management: The role of the nurse , a team member, an educator in non-pharmacological treatment, translator for the physician with a holistic and psychosocial approach. A nurse participating in hypertension care promotes blood pressure reductions as the patients decreased their weight and sodium intake, stopped smoking, increased their physical activity, take their medication more correctly, and returned for follow-up visits more frequently The nurses holistic and psychosocial approaches and skills should always be taken into account.
The nurse can educate and support the patient, but what precisely is her role and her skills in hypertensive care? Hypertension is a significant public health problem as it is associated with stroke and cardiovascular events. These result in increased morbidity and mortality for patients and increased costs for health services. While evidence has demonstrated the benefits of antihypertension drug therapy in controlling blood pressure, community-based studies throughout the world have shown that blood pressure goals are achieved in only 25-40% of patients who take antihypertensive drugs. Problem statement, context and approach methods should have good information in it as listed above. Sources must be included in text. Sources must be either Primary or Scholarly reviewed nursing and medical sources from the year 2012 or above. Do not include sources from the year 2011 or below. Reference page must be formatted in APA correctly.
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