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In Week 3 you learned customer-focused requires a dual-nature quality approach where quality depends on the professional expertise aspects of healthcare but also quality service as delivered per the customer’s personal expectations. This week you will review another realistic scenario presented in the lecture intended to prepare you to address real-life issues.The reading materials for Week 4 are Chapters 9, 10 & 11 from Applying quality management in healthcare by Spath & Kelly (2017).The Learning Objectives for Week 4:Anticipate the impact on outcomes of process problems and improvements.Apply cost-benefit analysis in assessing process and outcomes in patient care.Articulate and apply various quality management tools utilized to monitor and enhance patient safety and clinical quality.Discussion Instructions attached attachmentMHC6303Week4DiscussionInstructionsandRubric.docxattachmentMHC6303Week4LectureNotes.docx
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