Legal Issues: Contract & Agency Law

Legal Issues: Contract & Agency Law Part 2

Deliverable Length: 750–1,200 words

Your supervisor has just met with a potential new client.
You and two of your coworkers will be working directly with this client in
helping to create and execute contracts. To refresh your skills and memory on
contracts, your supervisor has asked you to write a memo to provide to your
coworkers and supervisor discussing the following information:

  • Identify,
    define, and discuss the 6 elements of a contract, providing examples to
    help further the understanding of each element.
  • Conduct
    research online or in the library to find a case involving a contract
    dispute regarding one or more of the elements of a contract, and provide
    the following:

    • Citation
    • Summary
    • Analysis
      of the case, including information on the specific elements involved in
      the dispute, as well as the outcome of the case
  • Discuss
    your opinion on the outcome of the case. Do you agree with the court’s


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