i need answer for 5 question about story called the other wes and moor

Choose the most interesting or important prison story on the Humans of New York: Inmates Website.
Then, summarize the story in 2-4 sentences.
Next, in 3-4 sentences, explain how your chosen story connects to The Other Wes Moore.
Please post your response by Friday, March 20th at 11:59pm.
You do not need to respond to another student’s Discussion Board post.

Summary of Chosen Inmate Story

Connection to TOWM

This inmate from Honduras was making very little money and when he got the offer to make more money he couldn’t pass it up due to lack of other options. The job was to transport cocaine over international waters, but his boat was stopped by the US Coast Guard while they possessed 986 Kilograms of cocaine. This happened 10 years ago.

This relates to TOWM because the reason the inmate has for complying with the job, lack of money, is the same in the book. The Other Wes knew that getting involved in the drug business was a bad idea. In fact, Tony told him repeatedly to stay out of it. However, The Other Wes was envious of the nice clothes and other items his brother was able to buy. As a result, he decided to be a lookout for those selling drugs so that he

read chapter 5 and 6 https://cl2hart.weebly.com/uploads/5/9/4/4/59447175/the_other_wes_moore__1_.pdf
question 3 it about chapter 5 and 6
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