i have 2 apa discussion papers, 150 words minimum for each

Customer Relations (Exercise 11) : Try to sell your professor on conducting class as a study period next week. How would you prepare for the “presentation” to make your case? What are some objections you might receive? How might you handle the objections? 

Customer Relations (Exercise 12):  Imagine that you are networking with someone who said his company may have an opening and asked you for your résumé. It’s been a week since you sent your résumé to him. When would you follow up? How would you follow up? 

Marketing Management (Discussion 11): What are the various ad formats, payment models and ad types available?  Provide examples to support your point of view. 

Marketing Management (Discussion 12):  What are the crucial elements that go into a successful affiliate program (programme). 

Marketing Management (Exercise 11):  Online banner advertising and outdoor display advertising both use images to try to increase sales. In planning, both need to consider placement so as to be seen by their most likely audience. What are the key differences? 

Due February 13, 2019

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