How to frame a research question? |

Submit a 2-page paper that highlights one of the research questions you shared in your Discussion post. Design a quantitative research question related to this problem and a qualitative research question related to the sameproblem. Please use the resources to support your answer

My discussion post:When conducting research it is important to obtain both qualitative and quantitative research. Last week we learned about what rights one has when participating in research. When I think about the video with Talia, I can think of several questions. A few questions that I consider are: what stigmas does society attach to victims like Talia? Is Eric a repeat offender who has gotten away with this before? From a social work perspective, what can social workers do to better advocate for victims like Talia. There are many ethical and legal aspects to consider with this case. It is vital that any research obtained is valid and from a Social Work perspective we must consider that research be an asset to the work that we do.

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