How to create an effect Poster Presentation (O. Sherman)

The purpose of this assignment is to create a poster that will present the visual and graphic presentation of the capstone project. Poster presentation should clearly articulate what you did, how you did it, why you did it, and what it contributes to your field and the larger field of human knowledge. This assignment is due in week seven and must be presented by the student.
Create your poster per guidance and approval from your capstone course faculty (template provided above). Follow the poster template as outlined and review the recommended resources in creating your poster.
What goals should you keep in mind to construct a poster?
• Clarity of content. Decide on a small number of key points that you want your viewers to take away from your presentation, and articulate those ideas clearly and concisely.
• Visual interest and accessibility. The viewers should notice and take interest in your poster so that they will pause to learn more about your project, and you will need the poster’s design to present your research in a way that is easy for those viewers to make easy sense of it.
From the capstone project, students will create an effective poster with the following information:
Title: Project Title
Authors: Your name, faculty advisor’s name
Purpose or Aims of the Study
Expected Results/Outcomes
Anticipated Conclusions
Potential Implications to Practice
Contact person: include email address

• Length: One page
• Format: Poster Presentation
• Research: At least one peer reviewed reference within the last 5 years

Week 7: Assignment 2 – Writing an Abstract
Web Page

Assignment Prompt 2
Resource: Writing Scientific Abstracts (Purdue Owl)
The purpose of this assignment is to write an abstract for your capstone project. The function of an Abstract is to provide a brief, descriptive summary of the essay/report. The function of an Abstract is to inform the reader of the contents of the report /essay so that the reader can see in advance the key areas covered and the main points of the argument. An Abstract clearly states the purpose and direction, the main arguments and the conclusions reached. It is a mini version of the paper. If writing an investigative report which includes research findings, then it is usual to include in the Abstract the aims or objectives, methods, findings or results, conclusions and implications.
Your capstone abstract must be approved by the Capstone Advisor and or Faculty Chair before the final draft.
Keep these guidelines for abstracts in mind:
• Provides a professional, scholarly synopsis of the capstone project
• States the purpose of the capstone clearly and succinctly
• Provides a brief rationale for the capstone project.
• Describes the design and methodology of the main activities of the project
• Describes the expected results or the outcomes of the capstone.
• Provides a summary statement that shows the possible implication of the capstone project to student’s clinical practice setting or profession.
• Utilizes 250-300 words maximum, using 12 point font, either, Arial, Times New Roman, or Courier

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