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Assignment 1 here are various methods and tools that can be used to improve the accessibility of curriculum for students with disabilities. Augmentative and alternative communication devices as well as other assistive technologies are often used for this purpose. It is important for teachers to understand the options that are available, and that they advocate for students to be provided with the best possible tools to assist them.Part 1: Measurement Data Lesson PlanSelect a 1-5 grade level, a corresponding Arizona or other state standard based on the Measurement and Data domain, and a group of 3-4 students from the “Class Profile” who would benefit from the use of augmentative and/or alternative communication devices or other forms of assistive technology.With your identified learning target and small group in mind, complete a lesson plan, using the “COE Lesson Plan Template,” that specifies applicable assistive technology and includes differentiated activities to facilitate students making measurement comparisons, andUsing models of measuring units; orUsing measuring instruments; orRepresenting and interpreting the data.Part 2: Communication Device RationaleIn addition to your completed lesson plan, justify your augmentative and/or alternative communication devices or other forms of assistive technology choices in a 250 word rationale.Support your choices with 2-3 scholarly resources.Assignment 2 Math is an academic area that can be challenging for many students in many cases due to multi-step problem-solving. When planning interventions, it is important to identify where and why the student struggles. With this information, the appropriate tier of intervention can be addressed. Understanding the tiers of intervention can help to differentiate struggles associated with content, application, or delivery.Allocate at least 3 hours in the field to support this field experience.Continuing to work with your mentor teacher, create an intervention plan for the student or students identified in Clinical Field Experience B.Your plan should include the following:Identification of applicable tiered intervention (1, 2, or 3)Grade level of instructionAn activity implementing 1-2 intervention strategies (these may be the intervention strategies you identified in Clinical Field Experience B)Brief description of each intervention strategy and how it supports the identified student challengesMaterials needed and procedures for each intervention strategyUpon completing your intervention plan, continue to collaborate with your mentor teacher to ensure the plan will appropriately meet the needs of the student/s identified. Incorporate feedback accordingly.Use any remaining field experience hours to assist the teacher in providing instruction and support to the class.In 250 words, summarize and reflect upon your conversations and instructional support. Address how your mentor teacher plans for and reflects upon intervention choices in his or her own classroom and explain how you will use your findings in your future professional practice.APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.Assignment 3 Because lessons do not stop when a student leaves the classroom, purposeful collaboration with other teachers, staff, and families can help reinforce and expand the studentâ€s knowledge and skills. Whenever possible, teachers should try to engage families in ways that encourage them to have their child practice the math skills at home. Having both the teacher and parents/guardians on the same page helps to support the student.Read the case study to inform the assignment.Case Study: FionaGrade: 9thAge: 14It is the beginning of the second semester, and Fiona is having a great deal of difficulty in her mainstream algebra class. Prior to this year, she was receiving instruction in the resource setting. At her eighth grade transition IEP meeting, her parents expressed their wishes that Fiona be in the mainstream algebra class, despite her special education teacher explaining that low reading comprehension negatively affects the understanding of math concepts. Fiona understands basic concepts of algebra but has not mastered the skills needed to move to the higher-level concepts her class is now working on. Currently, her math performance has been measured two years below grade level and her reading performance one year below grade level. Fionaâ€s general education math teacher has spoken with her parents about the possible need for additional support, and her parents have agreed to help at home, as they do not want her being pulled out for resource at this time.The following goals have been identified by the special education teacher collaborating with the general education math teacher for Fiona:Simplify addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division equations (e.g., (2x + 6) (4x + 7) = 6x + 13).Solve equations with variables (e.g., 3x = -24).Write and solve the algebraic equation in a real-life word problem.Part 1: StrategiesAs the special education teacher, select two researched-based instructional strategies that could be used to help Fiona meet her identified goals.Instructional strategies should include:Explicitly teaching related vocabularyThe use of the concrete-representational-abstract strategiesGraphic organizersMnemonic devicesThe use of assistive technologyIn 250- words, summarize the recommended instructional strategies, rationalizing their appropriateness for Fionaâ€s goals and ability to help motivate Fiona to meet her goals. Include specific tips for implementation.Part 2: 3 Day Unit PlanDesign a comprehensive mathematics unit plan based on the goals identified for Fiona. Outline three sequenced lesson plans, using the “3 Day Unit Plan Template.”Your unit plan must include:Appropriate augmentative and alternative communication systems and assistive technology to make the lesson content more accessible.Integration of both formative and summative assessments to demonstrate mastery and support the generalization of learning for the student.Integration of an appropriate ELA writing standard related to Fionaâ€s third identified goal.Part 3: Home ConnectionIn 250 words, explain how you plan to involve Fionaâ€s parents in meeting her goals. 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