health informatics 9 – Essay Writers

Utilize the NLM Databases to research and answer each of the following questions: Due December 12th.
Provide links and APA formatted references for each question.

Do Cell phones cause brain cancer?
Find articles(2) that discuss racial differences in the use of cardiac catheterization procedures.
Locate articles(2) that discuss the population studies of colon cancer in black and whites.
Find articles(2) on the use of fish oil in the prevention of heart disease.
Find articles(2) on the amount of a garlic supplement one should take to reduce cholesterol.


Find information about managing Asthma in Children.
Find nutrition information for people with diabetes.
What are the risk factors and warning signs of stroke?
Locate information on prostate cancer prevention and screening.
Are there any special dietary instruction patient taking hydrochlorothiazide should follow?

Find all clinical trials located in Houston, Texas for leukemia.
Find all clinical trials located in Texas for hypertension in Children.

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