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You have been given one million US dollars to give to established legitimate political causes.
You must give your money to actual political organizations. NOT CHARITIES!
You must pick groups that have specific political causes or issues or platforms or policy proposals. These groups must have a web site, mailing address and phone number. Part of the grade for this project is based on you picking political causes, not on which causes you pick, but that they are political causes that stand for something and not charities.
Using the internet or any other resource, find five (5) political causes and divide your money up between them. No group can receive more than $800,000.00 and the total must ad up to exactly $1,000,000.00.

In a paragraph for each of the five (5) political organizations, in YOUR OWN WORDS, tell me a little about each organization and why you chose to give them money and the amount you chose.
Here’s how I suggest you begin this project: Ask yourself what political causes you are interested in – you can start with a political party but you don’t have to. Do a web search on some key words, names or topics about your cause(s) and learn about a few of the thousands of political groups out there that accept contributions.
I don’t care what political causes you chose, but make sure they (1) lobby government or are (2) involved in campaigns or both. If they do not do at least one of those two things, they are not legitimate political groups and they can not be used in this assignment. This is what your book talks about when they say “special interests,” or “interest groups,” or “lobby groups.”
A legitimate political group will have a street address and phone number. If they don’t, what do you think that means?
They will tell you on their web page(s) what they stand for and what they do. This whole assignment is about you using the web critically.
That means you have to make some judgments. Make sure you have picked political groups.

First, list the names (and web addresses) of the five groups and include how much of the million dollars you would give each.

Then, in a minimum of one paragraph each, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, say what each group does and why you would give it the money you did.

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