Final Briefing Paper

Final Briefing Paper

What is the relationship between citizen education and abortion restrictions?

The student will prepare a policy briefing paper assessing a current public policy in light of principles found in international law, policy, and politics studied in this course. The student must assume the role of a policy maker, using the paper to advocate for a specific policy. The goal is to prepare a final report for a “client” or “principle” of 10–15 double-spaced pages exclusive of an abstract, references, and appendices. Citations must be consistent with the current Turabian style guide.

  • Textbook ReadingsHenderson: ch. 12
  • ItemPresentation: Course Conclusion
  • Web LinkDownload OptionDownload this course from iTunes U using the free download option from ( The link above will launch iTunes (if installed) and open up your course. Some material from third-party sources, such as copyrighted publisher content, are not available for download.
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