Extra Credit Option for Final Exam |

Please Choose only one, and answer it in one or several well organize paragraphs. you can take picture of these question, and send it in your extra credit answer, to me, by email, up to 24 hours later after this exam. this can raise one grade letter of your final.
topic: 1. how does art help to depict how a society views itself, and how it views the human person? discuss example from two cultures we covered in this course.
2. do you believe that strong individual leaders shape history, or that history is shaped more by popular and collective movements? argue for one or another, using examples drawn from throughout this course.

you can choose from Neolithic Revolution until The Reformation and the Birth of the Modern; Martin Luther, “Freedom of a Christian,” and John Calvin, “Articles Concerning Predestination” and “The Necessity of Reforming the Church”


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