Explain why you believe or don’t believe that exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule should be made.

How prevalent this disease has been in the U.S and around the world in the past, what treatments were available and how the disease has affected the human population?.
April 17, 2019
Evaluate marketing research tools involved in the marketing process. Read the case study titled “Missed Opportunities”, located in the online course shell. Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:
April 17, 2019

Explain why you believe or don’t believe that exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule should be made.

# 1
Following the presentation to the 16 new investigators in your squad a question and answer period sparks personal viewpoints on the Exclusionary Rule Exceptions. The new investigators discuss with you their viewpoints and ask for your opinion. You provide them with cited reasons for your opinion.
Explain why you believe or don’t believe that exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule should be made.
Select three exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule and cite your reasons for their validity and any reason why the exceptions may be in error if you believe any of them are in error.
Explain the conditions in which you would allow your investigators to lie to a suspect during an investigation and why it would be alright to do so. Use a short scenario to demonstrate your intended meaning to your investigators.

# 2
You are an investigator with the District Attorney’s Investigation Team for a major metropolitan area. You are one of the recently hired 16 new investigators that will be sprinkled throughout the department. All 16 of you have had little time as investigators and the Chief’s concern is that you all are properly trained in issues of the exclusionary rule to avoid problems later on during investigations. This is a political hot potato because these are supposed to be the best investigators in the jurisdiction. You have already provided an extensive paper to your new fellow investigators and noticed an interest they had in exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule. You have decided to provide a 3-5 page addendum to last week’s training to address some of the exceptions.
In a 3-5 page paper, please include responses to the bulleted issues listed below. It is critical that when you make a statement of fact in your presentation that you cite the reference you obtained the information from in the text of the paper and that the reference is included in your reference page. As always your paper will be submitted in the APA format current edition. No abstract is required as this is a short position paper but a title page, reference page, and appropriate running header with page numbers are necessary.
Detail the concept for admissibility of plain sight evidence and the legal requirements for the investigator to invoke a plain sight seizure.
Explain how evidence that would have been found without the questionable search that violates the exclusionary rule could ultimately be admissible as evidence.
Relate how the court views investigators and realizes that human error will sometimes result in faulty paperwork. Explain how the court allows for such errors in the “Good Faith” principle.
The student will select two of the three concepts known as dying declaration, the silver platter rule, and exigent circumstance. The student will expound on the meaning of each and why the court believes in such exceptions to constitutional requirements
The student will articulate the types of situations where it is permissible to lie to a suspect to elicit a confession. What aspects would be allowed by the court and what would be prohibited.
Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

# 3
When responding to emergency situations, whether a natural hazard or terrorist attack, there are a wide variety of operations and techniques that must be undertaken for a successful response effort. In this assignment, you will examine a few of these techniques and explain the benefits and challenges of their application.
Assignment Guidelines
In 4–5 paragraphs, address the following:
What do you think are the 2 most important operations that are executed during a successful response effort? You may choose from the following:


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