Explain the importance of developing metrics and KPIs in logistics and supply  chain operations.

In the previous assignment and the assigned readings for this module, you analyzed industries, identified their market structures, and determined how management decisions are made on the basis of the market structure.
In this assignment, you will learn to determine the industry classification of specific market structures and industries.
Identify an article on any one of the following management decisions commonly made in an organization:

Cutting costs
Enhancing business operations
Increasing productive capacity using technology

You can consult sources such as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times,Bloomberg Markets, the Economist, US News and World Report, and the Argosy University online library resources.
After reading the article, respond to the following:

Identify the unifying theme in the article. Does the theme pertain to economics and the reasoning for cutting costs, enhancing business operations, or increasing productive capacity using technology? How?
Evaluate the situation that you think proposes the most significant consequences for society. What are the consequences that you foresee?
If you were the regulator of the industry analyzed in the article, how would you decide the validity of the company policy in the article and why?

The assignment must be a completed paper, with APA formatting, references, and error-free spelling and grammar.Write a paper of 500-700 words on metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) used in logistics and supply chain operations. Include the following:

Explain the importance of developing metrics and KPIs in logistics and supply  chain operations.
Complete  research on a company of your choice, and provide at least 2 metrics used  by this organization.

Focus your research on the logistics and SCM departments of your selected  organization.
Support your research with a table, chart, graph, or any other graphical item  that communicates the metrics that you identified.
Explain what the metrics indicate and how they can benefit the organization.
Lastly, how can your company develop KPIs that track ethical performance? Why is this important to business success

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