Experimental Design Lab Report

Grading Rubric for Experimental Design Lab

Lab Report

1. Unknown identification (answering the specific question)

There may be calculations here that will be checked for accuracy.

2. Procedure

Must give a step by step procedure that anyone can follow and get accurate results. Pay attention to detail and make sure that the procedure is clear and unambiguous and you do not leave out important steps. Do NOT copy a procedure from one of your labs or this is plagiarism. Put it in your own words.

3. Case Study

  • – citation- thesis statement
  • – argument
  • 4. Conclusion (See rubric below)

    The conclusion should be succinct and NOT a reiteration of the procedure. It should have the following:

  • Thesis statement – one sentence answering the question given by the instructor to the group. This should be complete and grammatical.
  • Logical argument to support the thesis
  • Error Analysis
  • Concluding sentence stating your evidence/results support the thesis
  • 5. Team Work – every question should be answered with honesty. We are interested in your experience with your team and will not deduct points unless you do not answer the question.

    – There is the work sheet down attached.

    – There is a rubric down below as well.

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