Essay Assingment

Submit a draft of the Decision Making and Impact portions of the final project (Sections IV and V). Based on the potential business ethics and regulatory issues that you described in the previous milestones, what are the business decisions that you need to make? How will these decisions and processes impact business sustainability and elements of corporate culture such as corporate citizenship, philanthropy, community involvement, the environment, and causal support? How will stakeholder groups be affected by these decisions and processes? Evaluate how the business ethics and regulatory issues that you previously described will impact the local community and global environment of your business.

The Chosen company is the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Guidelines for Submission: Your paper must be submitted as an 8-10 page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one- inch margins, and sources cited in APA format.

Please see attached the guidelines and rubrics for this paper.


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