cybercrime case study outline already done

Students will select one prosecuted case of cybercrime and apply what you have learned from the course to analyze that case. The case can be selected from the Department of Justice Computer Crime website or another news source. I must approve the selected case and a brief outline via email by February 28. The paper must be 5 to 7 pages in length and have a title page with your name and title of the paper. All papers should be double spaced, have 12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins all around, full paragraphs (must by 4 or more complete sentences, page numbers, APA style (link to Purdue OWL on MOODLE), and sections should have headers (e.g. Introduction, etc…). The sections of the paper must include: INTRODUCTION (about 1 page) • Why is the study of cybercrime important? • Introduce the case and the cybercrime committed. • Must include a thesis statement. CASE ANALYSIS (about 2 pages) • Analyze the cybercrime involved. o What was the motive? o What weakness was exploited? o What evidence led to the arrest? • Apply at least 3 concepts from the course. • Apply at least 2 theories discussed in class. DISCUSSION and RECOMMENDATIONS (about 2 pages) • What could be done to prevent this cybercrime from happening in the future? o On an individual level o On an institutional level (e.g. organization, business, etc…) o On a societal level (e.g. government, law enforcement, etc…) CONCLUSION (about ½ page) • Summarize your analysis and recommendations. REFERENCES • References must follow APA format. • List all sources used (even the text book) in the paper.
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