Create a toy, activity, or game for education |

During your studies this semester, you have gained an understanding of concepts, strategies, and issues that surround supporting the needs of students who are differently-abled in the general education classroom. For your final project, you will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned to create a Universally Designed educational toy, activity, or game. The toy, activity, or game must develop a specific skill tied to any Alaska K-12 Performance Standard OR Common Core Standard. You will design and produce a prototype or visual model of the toy, activity, or game and provide supporting descriptions and photographs. You will create a PowerPoint Presentation to share your project with the class.
Your project and presentation should include the following information:

Your name and the name of your toy, activity, or game Skill (may include academic, social, communication, motor or other developmental benefit) gained from toy, activity, or game
Performance Standard reference (
Description of toy, activity, or game
Instructions to accompany toy, activity, or game
Prototype of, or Picture/drawing/image of the toy, activity, or game
How this toy, activity, or game benefits and accommodates all learners (If needed, what supports might be required and for which students?)
References of ideas borrowed or built upon to create your toy, activity, or game
Presentations should not exceed 5 minutes


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