Complete the two separate assignments

Complete the two separate assignments

Question descriptionFirst Essay: Quality Improvement Organizations (QIO)

Use the American Health Quality Association website to locate your state’s QIO activities (Find Your QIO). Locate the QIO that serves your state of residence.

Develop a professional PowerPoint presentation on the topic of QIO strategy implementation within your state. Identify providers, at least six separate areas of quality focus, and the QIO’s significance to the healthcare success of your state’s population.

Presentation Requirements:

  • Your presentation should be well written and organized,
  • Be at least 8-10 slides in length, not including the title and reference slides
  • Follow CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA Requirements.

2nd essay:

Review the information presented on Robust Process Improvement (RPI) in the Chassin (2011) article. Address the following questions:

  • What is RPI and what does it include?
  • What are some examples of how RPI has been successfully utilized (provide examples from either your own professional experience or from academic articles)?
  • How does RPI translate to improvement in service quality and return on investment?

Write a 2- to 3-page paper that provides a rationale for your selections. Reference examples from your work experience and include at least two sources beyond the textbook. Note that the CSU-Global Library is a good resource. Format all references according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.

Chassin, M. (2011). Reaping the rewards of process improvement that is done right. AHA News47(4), 4-5.


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