Complete 3 Psych Social Work Discussions |

Discussion 1:
Strengths-Based Social Work
Advanced generalist social work practice integrates strengths-based perspective; it is often what differentiates social work from other modalities within the helping field. Social workers not only need to build upon client’s strengths but also need to be self-aware of individual leadership skills and personal strengths.
Complete the following:

View the Campbell case study linked in this unit prior to responding to this discussion.
Pick one of the family members: Karen (mom), Joe (dad), Kali (17), or Jacob (15).
Answer the following using a strengths-based perspective:

Identify your chosen family member and discuss at least two of that person’s strengths, along with one need they may have.
Identify at least two of your own personal or professional (or both) strengths and leadership skills that you would integrate in working with this individual.
Complete your response by identifying how you would build upon one of the strengths you identified.

Discussion 2:
Standards for Standards
Review the NASW standards, created in 2005, and the ASWB standards, created in 2013–2014, and address the following:

What are the major differences between the two set of standards?
What are the potential issues with two major social work organizations presenting different, if not conflicting, technology standards?
What do you think needs to be added, removed, or amended? Provide references to support your suggestions.

Discussion 3:
Technological Standards versus Ethical Situations
On page 909 of the Dombo, Kays, and Weller’s 2014 article, the authors describe several situations they experienced related to social work practice and technology. Have you experienced any similar situations? If so, describe the situation and how you address it. If not, choose one of the situations in the article and describe how you would address it. Identify which ASWB standards apply.

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