complete 2 short critical thinking discussions

Identify a time when you were influenced by media bias in relation to a world event, or perhaps an event on a more local level. Explain why you think that the news media was biased in this context and whether certain media outlets were overly sensitive (or harsh) to certain groups, advertisers, government, powerful interests, or competitors.
Hint: Please do not state that you’ve never been influenced by bias. Everyone has been affected by media bias at some time. It does not necessarily need to be political in nature. No person is immune to media influence so spend some time reflecting on beliefs that you formed because of media influence and whether those beliefs could be considered biased. For example, if you read about a number of shark attacks and then were afraid of swimming at a certain location because of the possibility of sharks. Or if you believe that crime is worse today than when you were a kid (then you have been influenced by media bias). Perhaps you have formed an opinion about Israel, Brexit, or police shootings because of media coverage.
Have you ever heard a student say that APA is just too hard? What could have been the source of that frustration? What could be done to eliminate the typical barriers that are associated with APA writing?
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