chinese and japanese popular religions worksheet

Complete the following prompts by analyzing key issues in Chinese and Japanese popular religions.
A minimum of five academic resources is required, one of which must be the course textbook.
Use at least one resource per question.
Please stay within the word count but answer all questions entirety, be very detailed, and specific.
I uploaded the worksheet with the questions that need to be answered and you can answer them on that worksheet.
I also uploaded an additional word document that includes lecture notes, textbook log in information, and other links for resources that must be used.
Please stay within the word count he’s provided at the end of each question but answer all questions entirety, be very detailed, and specific as he’s an ANAL grader.
List references at the end of worksheet under the last question answered.
Please let me know if you have any issues getting logged into my textbook.

References that must be used – But please still see the attachement as it has more references and lecture notes
Textbook – Chapters 13 & 14
Username: Kmckenzie 4
Password: [email protected]–PyvGh2Ukc
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