case questions 2 1

You are the proprietor of a fledgling computer graphics company in Shanghai, China. The sophisticated business application software you need for your business normally sells for 2,900 renminbi (around $350) at computer stores in Shanghai and online. But with an income of just over $5,000 a year, you cannot afford to buy the original graphics software for your business. An associate has told you she can get you all the software you need, and more, for only $30. Yet, you have financially strapped friends who code software for the global software companies that make the very programs you need. 10 points

1. Do your personal circumstances make it ethical for you to purchase the pirated software?

2. What would you do if you were told of a new government effort to actively punish users of pirated software?

3. Does a software company bear any responsibility for subcontracting work to low wage markets where its finished product is unaffordable for the same coders who worked on it?


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