case conceptualization treatment plan

You will need to complete a case conceptualization and treatment plan from a provided crisis or grief case vignette. The case conceptualization and treatment plan must include the major clinical areas (e.g., identifying data, presenting problem, and family history/dynamics, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations.) Additionally, the paper must include a case conceptualization using a grief or crisis theory and one other theory of your choosing. Make sure to include specific interventions chosen for your plan and comprehensive recommendations for the clientâ€s overall treatment (e.g., referrals to family doctor, financial planning, psychiatrist, etc.; whatever you believe may be beneficial to the client). There are forms made available under “Content” that you may use to assist in organizing your data, but it is not necessary that you use the forms (DAF [Diagnostic Assessment Form], MSE [Mental Status Exam], Treatment Plans, or you may use forms utilized where you work, if available). The case conceptualization/treatment plan should be 7-8 pages in length following APA formatting.

You must use the vignette provided by the professor. You may NOT use your own client or make up your own vignette.
APA format; double-spaced, one-inch margins, #12 font size, Times New Roman font (see under Instructor policies for information on APA); abstract, appropriate citations and references.
Text length 7-8 pages (excluding title and reference pages)
Include all major clinical areas (see just above)
Use one grief or crisis theory, plus one other theory of your choosing to explain your

interventions and concepts (the lens through which you see the case)

You may add details of your own “imagining” to flesh out your client, but do not ignore or

change any items in vignette (e.g. you may add weight loss or increase; sleep problems, etc.).
Rubric for Case Conceptualization/Treatment Plan: 30 points
APA formats – abstract, citations and references, Times New Roman, double-spaced, etc. – 10 points
Major Clinical Areas:

Identifying information: 0.5 points
Presenting problem: 0.5 points
Mental Status Exam information: 1 point
Psychiatric and medication use history: 0.5 points
Health/Medical history: 0.5 points
Family history: 0.5 points
Psychosocial history: 0.5 points
Diagnosis (with symptoms/evidence supporting Dx: 2 points
Treatment goals and interventions: 2 points
Comprehensive treatment recommendations: 1 point
Termination and follow-up plan: 1 points
Two theories utilized to conceptualize case – one grief theory, one additional theory of

studentâ€s choice: 10 points
References used should primarily be up to date from roughly the last 3-5 years, depending on the topic:
References should be clearly reliable and scholarly, such as books, chapters from books, and/or journal articles from peer-reviewed publishers. Internet sources should be respectable publications, such as,, NOT (Wikipedia is not a proper source, and is not peer-reviewed. DO NOT USE IT!)
Do not use “secondary sources”.
Required Text(s)
Jackson-Cherry, L. R., Erford, B. T. (2018). Crisis assessment, intervention, and prevention (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Publishers. ISBN: 978-0-13-294696-4.

Worden, J. W. (2018). Grief counseling and grief therapy: A handbook for the mental health practitioner (5th ed.) New York, NY: Springer Publishing Co. LLC. ISBN: 9780826101204.
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