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Objective 2: Dissect how world view, past experiences and environment shape our perspective on controversial topics.
The Capstone Project is designed to enhance your research proficiency and your skills at writing a persuasive, informative paper that adheres to APA standards.You get to select the controversial topic. A list is included to prompt your thinking, however, you may choose another issue with the permission of your instructor.
Possible topics include Homelessness, Age Discrimination, Sex Discrimination, Affirmative Action, Abortion, AIDS/HIV Treatment and Programs, Elder Abuse,
Child Abuse, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs, Hunger in America, Veteran’s Benefits, Immigration, Human Trafficking, Welfare Reform, Entitlement Programs.
Learning Activity #3: Capstone Research Paper
oDownload and review the Euthanasia Presentation.
oWrite a 3-4 page paper describing both sides of a controversial issue.Include your own opinion and support it with scripture, facts and figures and a reason for your adherence to this point of view.
oTo achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need to be thoroughly addressed:
¾Define the issue
¾Quantify the issue, for instance, how many abortions were performed in the United States last year?
¾Describe the positions of the opposing sides
¾Elaborate on your own position.What led you to believe as you do?
¾Use scripture to support your position.If possible, cite scriptures that someone who disagrees with you might use.
oUse the OCU Template to ensure APA formatting is applied correctly.
oYou may use a combination of both public and scholarly resources.
At least three of the sources, excluding the Bible and a dictionary, must be scholarly.All must be properly cited.

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