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1. Imagine that you are designing a survey instrument (i.e., questionnaire) for a research
project you are involved in. As part of the questionnaire, you are collecting participants’
demographics information including: age, income, education, race, and marital status.
The following scales are used for these questions. Please describe the best measure for
central tendency for each of the questions and explain why. Please also indicate how do
you plan to report this data/results in your report.
• Please select the category that best describes your age.
• Please select the category that best describes your annual household income.
Less than $20000
$20000 – $29999
$30000 – $49999
$50000 – $59999
$60000 -$69999
$70000 or more
• Please select the category that best describes your education level
Less than high school
Graduated high school
Some college
Graduated college
Graduate degree
• Please select the category that best describes your racial background
• Please select the category that best describes your marital status.
2. Below is an output of a regression analysis performed using SPSS.
a. Please provide the regression equation based on the output.
b. Please write an interpretation of the result.
c. Please give the prediction of a student’s SAT math score given that the student’s SAT
EBRW score is 650 based on the regression model.
3. Do you respond faster to a visual signal or an aduditory signal? The reaction times (RT)
of seven students were measured for both signals.
Perform a t-test using Excel (or another program if you have access to and prefer).
Please describe your steps and show the output from your test. Write a conclusion based
on your test.
5. Are mentoring programs for youth effective? Dubois et al. (2011) answered yes after
reviewing 73 studies that asked this question. The data that follow produce an effect size
index aht mirrors one of the reivwers found. Three groups participated: youth not in a
mentor program, youth matched by schedule with a mentor, and youth matched to a
mentor with common interests. The dependent variable was the difference in school
grade point average after the mentoring program. Perform an ANOVA test and any
needed post-hoc tests (using Excel or any other statistical software you prefer or have
access to). Write an interpretation of your analysis, keeping in mind DuBois’ conclusion.
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