Business Environmental Studies

the selected company for this report is AL NABA Holding LLC company which is located in Oman. answer all questions and write a report about your findings. Below are the main areas that should be covered in the report:
1. Write an introduction in which you will briefly highlight the portfolio of the chosen company.
(company name, location, mission statement, products and services)
(1-2 Pages)
2. Do a SWOT’s analysis for the same company in Oman.
(explain what is SWOT and when to use it)
(Draw and Design a table that includes all related issues)
(At least 10 reasonable issues and factors for all elements)
(Citations is required for each paragraph)
(3 – 5 Pages)
3. Based on the results of your analysis in question number 2, suggest an explained action plan to overcome weaknesses (W) and threats (T) of the company.
(list out the conclusion of the most critical risks and weaknesses)
(Action Plan table to overcome the issues)
(Explain the action plan)
(2 – 4 Pages)
4. Do a PESTEL analysis for the same company and answer the below:-
i. What are the SME economic factors?
ii. What are the culture factors?
iii. What technological innovations that the SME is using?
(what is PESTEL analysis?)
(how the factors can help any organization?)
(list and explain 6 economic factors, 6 Socio-cultural factors and 6 technological factors that could affect the selected organization)
(explain what is the technology innovation the company is using ?)
(Citations for all paragraphs)
(2 – 3 Pages)
5. Write a conclusion in which you will make sure to incorporate your findings
(state the conclusion of the study)
(provide at least 6 recommendations to the company)
(1 – 2 Pages)

***** Citations & References Using CU Harvard Style.
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