You will be required to draft an essay which compares and contrasts two major theorists, e.g., Piaget and Vygotsky and their conceptual frame works for development (cognitive, social and emotional).

Aside from highlighting the major aspects of their stated theories, you are also required to highlight the different ways in which each theorist discusses development, e.g., Piaget discusses it mostly from a cognitive and intellectual perspective whereas Vygotsky focuses on the social contexts in which development takes shape.

You will be required to cite the text as well as two other peer-reviewed journal articles (for example – American Psychologist or Journal of Abnormal Psychology), to which you have access via your Drexel account. The body of the essay will be NO MORE THAN five (5) pages, not including cover page and reference list. You?re also required to follow APA format. Other requirements include the following:


Type of Writing
The paper is to have a scientific tone and should rely on sources/reference to build an explanation or argument.
Required Length
The length should be about 4-5 pages excluding the title page and the reference list. Please try to stay within this length.
Overall format
The paper should follow the format of the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines. If you do not own an APA manual, we recommend using the website for current APA guidelines. Following APA guidelines is expected in both the rough and final drafts or the paper, but grading of the final paper will especially rely on proper use of APA guidelines. Ask Dr Chuck or Richa if you have questions while writing the rough draft or after we give you feedback!
Citing sources
You are to use your textbook and peer-reviewed journal articles as the main source of information. Cite the textbook directly if the authors do not cite anyone else. If they do cite journal articles, you must cite those journal articles directly.

Please look up a journal article and read it before citing it. If you cannot locate the full text of the article online, then read the abstract in an abstract database like PsychInfo. (Ask us for help if you have never worked with an abstract database.). Often times, the full-text of the article can be found if you go through Drexel?s online resources/Psychinfo as well.
Required number of sources
The main concern is that you give proper credit for information. In each paper, you must cite at least the textbook. There is no required number of journal articles to cite in addition.

Please be careful about giving proper credit to sources, as we can see whether you should have cited a journal article when you only cited the textbook. Points will be deducted if you inaccurately give credit to the textbook.
Avoiding Plagiarism
Please give importance to avoid plagiarism (from the textbook or other sources). Quotes should be used (sparingly, or not at all in these kinds of papers) when you want to present exact thoughts from the reference; however,

every other sentence should be in your own words. Even grammatical structures of each sentence should be your own words, meaning you cannot simply replace the words in the original sentence. Any plagiarism will lead to a grade of zero on the paper.
Good writing
You will be grade on the quality of your writing. High-quality writing involves 1) strong arguments; 2) effective organization; and, 3) good sentences.
1) Strong arguments: Critical thinking involves the ability to evaluate and build arguments. Arguments should be based on evidence, not opinion, speculation, or personal experience.
2) Effective organization: Arrange paragraphs in a logical sequence and be sure that each paragraph has one (and only one) overarching idea.

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